Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a LIFE Group?

LIFE Groups meet weekly to intentionally pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. We do this by having fun together, praying for each other, discussing how to apply the Bible to our lives, planning how to serve those in need, and reaching out to unbelievers as God gives us opportunity. Don’t be afraid; you won’t be called on to read, pray, or answer questions. Participation in group activities is voluntary, but encouraged!

What do we talk about in a LIFE Group?

Though LIFE Groups are built more around relationships than curriculum, we give primary attention to what God wants to say to us through the Bible. Your group may study a topic or book of the Bible using a printed guide, watching a DVD, or following the weekend sermons with a guide provided for you. LIFE group leaders have access to an entire library of resources, so you’re sure to find something that will fit your group just right. Whatever you study, the emphasis goes beyond knowledge of the truth to application of the truth.

Is child care provided?

Each group is responsible for providing their own childcare. Depending on the age of the children, some groups include them in some part of the group time and then separate them in another room. Some other suggestions are parents chipping in together to hire a babysitter either at the place they meet or at a nearby home. Each group can decide how to handle this issue in the most appropriate way for their group.

Are groups organized by life stages?

We have groups for couples, mixed, men, and women. Some groups consist of people in the same age range, some are intergenerational. You have lots of great choices! Sometimes it’s simply a factor of what works with your schedule within a reasonable driving distance.

Do I have to be a Christian to join a LIFE group?

No. Our LIFE Groups are open to everyone regardless of where they are in their journey with Jesus. Feel free to come as you are and ask any questions you may have.

Do I have to attend CrossCity to join a LIFE Group?

While attendance at CrossCity isn’t required to join a group, it certainly helps. It’s more difficult to do LIFE together if you attend another church. You and the people in your group will socialize together, study and pray together, serve together, and maybe even attend church services together!

What if I don’t like the group I join?

No problem! You can “try before you buy.” New groups meet together for eight weeks; at the end of that period you can choose to remain in the group, or we can help you find another one to try. While no group is perfect, it may take a few tries to find the one that fits best.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about LIFE Groups.