LIFE Group Leader Description

Thank you for your interest in being a LIFE Group Leader! LIFE Groups are an important part of what we do as a church. We believe life change happens best when we participate in weekend services AND connect with others who want to become fully developing followers of Jesus.

Group leaders have the privilege and responsibility of creating an environment where members can grow spiritually and experience healthy relationships. Since our LIFE Group leaders play such an important role, we take great care in enlisting them. Please read the information below to better understand the qualifications and expectations of a leader. If after consideration you would like to pursue leadership, please follow the instructions below to complete the Group Leader Application. Once we receive your application we will contact you for an interview.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Qualifications:

    • A growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ (preferably for two years or more)
    • Recognize the Bible as the authority for your life
    • Have LIFE Group experience (preferably)
    • Be a member of Northside Christian Church
    • Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group
  • Expectations:

    • Pursue personal growth in the 5 Purposes:
      1. Worship (You were planned for God’s pleasure)
      2. Fellowship (You were formed for God’s family)
      3. Discipleship (You were created to become like Christ)
      4. Ministry (You were shaped to serve God)
      5. Evangelism (You were made for a mission)
    • Shepherd the group members’ growth in the 5 Purposes.
    • Develop as a leader by implementing:
      8 Commitments:
      1. I will make a priority of connecting daily with Jesus through Bible reading, prayer, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the day.
      2. I will lead an exemplary Christian lifestyle—group members watching me will see an obedient servant of Jesus Christ growing in maturity.
      3. I will pray regularly for the group and its members.
      4. I will facilitate personalized care and development for each of my members using the Spiritual Health Assessment and Planner, keeping the group intentionally focused on growing in the 5 purposes.
      5. I will promote participation among all group members.
      6. I will assist in the identification and development of potential Life Group leaders within my group.
      7. I will attend scheduled gatherings for training and encouragement, and I will take advantage of online/video training as offered.
      8. I will maintain effective two-way communication with Life Group ministry leadership.
      8 Habits—Life Changing Group Leaders:
      1. Make time with God a daily priority.
      2. Follow the best example and offer a good example.
      3. Have clear priorities.
      4. Put the interests of others ahead of their own.
      5. Know they haven’t arrived.
      6. Clear up relationships.
      7. Give and receive scriptural correction.
      8. Follow spiritual leadership (within scriptural limits) and make it a joy for their leaders.
      These 8 habits are not required to begin leading a group. Rather, they are the vision for a preferred future.


Complete the application and start the process!